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In Tractor Circus, all rules of gravity are broken. The way you are used to seeing both people and huge machinery move, are now turned upside-down and inside-out. Literally! With music that captures the beauty of honesty and craziness, the twisted universe unfolds. It´s a show in between madness and self-esteem.

Tractor Circus wish to bring the contemporary circus to the villages of Scandinavia. Farmers and villagers let us use their tractors and farmyards, and give them a performance and a new experience in return. With three vans and two tractors we turn the village in up-side down for a weekend. We want to create a meeting place for all cultures, social backgrounds and experiences, and encourage people to play and dream.

We are three circus artists and one musician that wish to meet people where they live in the everyday life. Bring our work to their homes, instead an invitation to the theatre. We started in 2017 with the creation of a 30 minutes piece in co. lab with Odin Teatret, and was performing at Festugen in Holstebro, followed by a tour in Denmark. In May 2018 we developed the show into a 45 min. piece, that went on tour in Norway and Denmark during the summer of 2018.




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Linn is working like a hero to keep the group on track - Not an easy task with engine failures and coffee crises! With her work, she creates 

meetings between cultures, different art expressions. When the summer is over and Tractor Circus can do nothing but to wait for the next summer to come, Linn will continue her travels with Clowns without borders, Cirkus Tumult and Cirkus Cirkör.

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Elona believes in the lyrics', the arts' and the music’s power to create change in the world. She is an honest artist with an unstoppable imagination. When at her concerts you'll be in the danger zone of the "Planmanification" - it touches your heart, and creates tingles in your fingers. In 2015 Elona left the concept of "the home" and has been on the "Eternity Tour" ever since. You can see her at festivals, cafés and living rooms all over Europe.

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Tamar aka “Tractor Chan” is never to be underestimated! She travels Europe with her different projects, often with Mari by her side. Her favorite place to be is behind the steering wheel at any machine that will lift her high up into the sky. If she is not up- side down in one of these, you might find her arranging the Merge Norge festival, at tour in France or starting up new projects in Holstebro. 

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Mari lives in the black van, and invites the circus on porridge with a secret recipe every morning! With her lion’s mane and her iron grip she hangs in her hair and hands whenever possible. When the tractor is parked for the season she takes her van, and continues on the roads with Tamar as a useless co-driver. Might be towards Norway and Merge Norge, with the Nordic Theatre Laboratory in Holstebro or with Foot in face at Iceland.



Phone: 00 47 48 21 41 32

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